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HTX - Horizontal High-Density Slitter

High-Density Slitter

The HTX line of foam slitters are high-speed, high-tension and high-precision slitting machines capable of accurately converting a wide range of polyurethane foam blocks into sheets.

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  • Standard Features
  • Optional Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Floor Space Required


The HTX is equipped with PLC control and an advanced PC touch screen interface with a material database able to save foam processing parameters as well as remote support capabilities. Offered in vacuum table, high speed belts models and carrousel models; the HTX ships standard with programmable blade guide tilting system and selectable vacuum blowers for independent blower control. Advanced options such as a precision blade sharpening system and automated silicone application system further enhance the capabilities of this advanced slitter.

Common Applications

Furniture, Bedding, Packaging, Automotive, Medical

Commonly Processed Materials

PUR-ether and PUR-ester foam, PU rebond foam, reticulated foams, latex, Basotect®, Viscoelastic and similar high-density foams

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HTX Specifications [Downloadable PDF][Opens in New Window]

  • PC based touch-screen operator terminal
  • 4-Zone vacuum table with independent control
  • Air-Conditioned main control panel
  • Blade sharpening system with dust collector
  • Air-Conditioned PC terminal
  • Airlift assembly for block positioning assist
  • Automated silicone application system

Operator Controls

  • PLC Control with PC interface
  • Controls are mounted on a freestanding pedestal
  • User friendly touch-screen interfact with joystick for manually jogging the cutting head and block

Table Assembly

  • 4-Zone independent control vacuum hold down
  • VBA Table Surface : Perforated PVC belt
  • PVT Table Surface : Composite aluminum

Blade Assembly

  • High-Tension Heavy-duty Teflon coated blade guide assembly
  • Programmable 1┬░- 5┬░ power tilt assembly
  • 10HP AC Drive blade motor
  • Wide range of available blades, inlcuding; Serrated, Saw-tooth, Knife [Sharpener Recommended]

Power Requirements

  • 480 VAC, 3-Phase, 50-60 HZ
  • Clean, Dry compressed air
  • Optional electrics available. Contact your salesperson today.
HTX Model Sizes
HTX 51-88 PVT / VBA HTX 60-88 PVT / VBA HTX 51-96 PVT / VBA HTX 60-96 PVT / VBA
Cutting Height 51" [1295 MM] 60" [1524 MM] 51" [1295 MM] 60" [1524 MM]
Cutting Width 88" [2235 MM] 88" [2235 MM] 96" [2438 MM] 96" [2438 MM]
Cutting Llength 132" [3350 MM] 132" [3350 MM] 132" [3350 MM] 132" [3350 MM]
Floor Space Required:
Width 160" [4064 MM] 160" [4064 MM] 167" [4241 MM] 167" [4241 MM]
Length 324" [8230 MM] 324" [8230 MM] 324" [8230 MM] 324" [8230 MM]
Height [MAX] 155" [3937 MM] 173" [4394 MM] 155" [3937 MM] 173" [4394 MM]
HTX - High-Density Horizontal Slitter

High-Density Horizontal Slitter

HT - High-Tension Horizontal Slitter

High-Tension Horizontal Slitter

50-88 - Low-Density Horizontal Slitter

Low-Density Horizontal Slitter

Model-10 - Entry-Level Horizontal Slitter

Entry-Level Horizontal Slitter

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