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AV - Automatic Vertical Band Saw

Automatic Vertical Band Saw

ESCO's traveling head automatic vertical [AV] saws are the perfect solution for automating repetitive straight cut operations. ESCO's AV models can be configured with many options such as powered inside and outside fences, turntables, sharpening systems and adjustable blade guides

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  • Standard Features
  • Optional Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Floor Space Required


The Model AV Fully automatic vertical band saw, utilizes a stationary table with a powered cutting head. This design allows for minimal floor space without sacrificing table size. Two-way cutting assembly maximizes cutting efficiency, while powered indexing of the double-fence ensures precision cutting.

Common Applications

Upholstery, bedding, furniture, packaging, automotive, medical

Commonly Processed Materials

PUR soft foam, PUR rebond foam, viscoelastic, latex and similar flexible foams

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Model AV Specifications [Downloadable PDF][Opens in New Window]

  • Programmable powered fence
  • Teflon coated table surface
  • Powered upper guide assembly
  • Blade sharpener with programmable cycle + auto-adjust carbide blade guides
  • Precision blade magnifier [Only with precision blade sharpener option]
  • Manual or powered right-side fence assembly [Height: 20" 508MM, 30" 762MM, 40" 1016MM]
  • Right table airlift assembly [Assist bun movement]
  • Turntable [Right-hand side only] [AV-3: 42X42" 1067MM][AV-4: 80X80" 2032MM]
  • Vacuum assembly for turntable
  • Extended cut-width [84" Outside blade to fence]
  • Dust cover for head guide linear shaft
  • Friction powered brushes for blade wheels
  • Air-conditioned control panel
  • Spare parts kit
  • Semi-Automatic version also available

Operator Controls

  • Operator controls mounted on a freestanding podium connected by flexible conduit to the main electrical panel
  • PLC with fence position read out and 6 batch capability to allow selection for number of cuts and indexing thickness

Head Assembly

  • Variable speed powered cutting head [Up to 120 FPM] [37 M/MIN]
  • Head travel length programmable up to 120" [3048 MM]
  • Two-way cut assembly with carbide jaw guide [Carter guide assembly available for set tooth blade]
  • Powered upper guide assembly

Table Assembly

  • Table height 32.5" [825MM]
  • Left fence height: 40" [1016MM][Optional: 20" 508MM, 30" 752MM]
  • Programmable powered fence indexing to 1/8" [+/- .003"]
  • Blade change assembly lift mechanism
  • Teflon coated table surface

Blade Assembly

  • Standard blade: Double-edged band knife [0.020" 0.5MM] double cut with optional fine scallop
  • 16" [406MM] Diameter precision balanced blade wheels with molded urethane tire
  • 3HP Blade motor with pulley drive
  • Pneumatic blade tension assembly
  • Powered adjustable blade guide assembly

Power Requirements

  • 240/480 VAC, 3-Phase, 60HZ
  • All control circuits on 24 VDC
  • Optional electrics available. Contact your salesperson today.
AV-3 AV-4
Cutting Height 50" [1270 MM] 60" [1524 MM]
Cutting Width [Inside Blade To Fence] 50" [1270 MM] 84" [2130 MM]
Cutting Width [Outside Blade To Fence] 50" [1270 MM] 50" [1270 MM]
Cutting Length 120" [3048 MM] 120" [3048 MM]
Overall Table Length 132" [3353 MM] 132" [3353 MM]
Floor Space Required
Width* 140" [3555 MM] 164" [4165 MM]
Length 187" [4750 MM] 187" [4750 MM]
Height [With power guide up] 163" [4140 MM] 172" [4369 MM]
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