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FC100 - Foam Crusher

Foam Crusher

The new ESCO foam bun crusher is 100" wide and uses a 20HP motor with chain drive on both sides to give 20,000 lbs of crushing force. This allows a 60" high block to be compressed to just 4 inches.

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The ESCO foam block crusher is a heavy-duty unit designed to break the cell structure of HR foam, thereby liberating gases and creating a more luxurious feeling foam without the odors emitted by trapped gases.

The bun crusher can be integrated into an automated cutting line allowing 50'-100' long buns to be conveyor fed to the crusher, crushed and then fed automatically to the ESCO blocking saw to cut blocks to the desired width and length, removing the outer skins.

Common Applications

Furniture, bedding, mattresses, automotive and upholestry industries where block crushing is needed

Commonly Processed Materials

Viscoelastic foam, polyether, HR, flexible and other similar materials

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Foam Crusher Specifications [Downloadable PDF][Opens in New Window]

  • 20 HP Motor with chain drive
  • Heavy-Duty frame
  • 20,000 LBS [6800 KG] of crushing force
  • Optional electrics available. Contact a salesperson

Operator Controls

  • Push-button controls in a frame mounted enclosure
  • Dual emergency stop buttons on either side of machine

Carriage Assembly

  • Upper Carriage: Heavy-duty weldment in fixed position containing six powered rollers, each 10 inches [0.254 M] in diameter by 100 inches [2.54 M] long
  • Lower Carriage: Same as lower carriage except pivoted via a hydraulic cylinder. Includes protractor dial to assist setting gap

Hydraulic Assembly

  • Self-contained
  • 2,500 PSI Capacity with resevoir

Charge/Discharge Height

  • Charge Height: 34.5" [876 MM][From floor]
  • Discharge Height: 24" [610 MM][From floor]

Roll Speed

  • Variable
  • 10-25 FPM [3-7.6 M/MIN]

Power Requirements

  • 480 VAC, 3-Phase, 60 HZ
  • Optional electrics available. Contact your salesperson today.
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