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Dynamic Mixing - A-Series

Dynamic Mixing

Edge-Sweets Company A-Series machines are offered when a simple, dynamic metering and dispensing solution is required.

  • Overview
  • Standard Features
  • Technical Specifications


The ESCO A-series features ESCO field proven dynamic mixing heads, precision metering pumps and operator friendly controls for an affordable effective processor for multi-component polyurethane material systems

Common Applications

Rigid and flexible foams, cold cast elastomers and general processing needs for both continuous pour and discrete shot molded parts

Standard Features

  • 1-1000 lbs/min output capabilities
  • Wide ratio range capabilities; 1:1-100:1
  • Multi-component capabilities [2-5 components standard][6+ components capable]
  • 1-200,000 CPS Processing capabilities
  • Multiple options for temperature control
  • Control schemes from basic to fully integrated

Technical Specifications

  • 10, 20 and 60 gallon tanks available
  • ESCO Series M-100, M-200 or M-500 dynamic mixing head depending on output
  • Tank agitation and automatic refill
  • Automatic solvent flush system
  • Operator touch screen LCD interface

Technical Specification Customization

  • Please contact a sales engineer to review your process parameters and requirements
Filled Systems

Filler Fed Dynamic Mixing

Engineered Systems

Dispensing Systems

Elastomer Processing

Elastomer Processing

Lab-Scale High Pressure RIM


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