Model 10 - Two Wheel Slitter Foam Saws

  • Model 10-84 Two Wheel Slitter Foam Saws (Two Wheel Slitters)
  • Two Wheel Slitter Foam Saws (Two Wheel Slitters)
  • Model 10-48 Two Wheel Slitter Foam Saws (Two Wheel Slitters)
  • Model 10
  • Model 10
  • Model 10

Model 10 - Two Wheel Horizontal Foam Slitters

The Two Wheel Slitter (Model 10 Foam Saw) series is a two-wheel horizontal foam saw for slitting sheets up to 12" (305mm) thick. The machine is available with a powered table or conveyor movement system and can be built as a basic model with a standard control system or with a PLC when the highest accuracy is required.

Table Assembly - Specifications

The standard table length is 11' (3353mm) with wood top coated in Ferrox™. Table rails are steel tubing and wheels have sealed bearings with nylon tires.

Blade - Specifications

Typically uses a serrated saber tooth blade, but can use a saw-tooth or knife blades. The blade sharpener should be included when cutting with the knife blade to ensure longer life and optimum cutting performance.

Indexing thickness is 0.001”.

Standard cutting head blades run on 14” (355mm) diameter wheels that feature a molded urethane elastomer coating.

Standard blade is 1” (25mm) wide x 0.02” (0.5mm) thick.

Blade motor is 5HP and allows the blade to run at a no load speed of 4200 FPM (1280m/min).

A Teflon coated blade guide 0.084” (2mm) x 3.125” (79mm) wide, die spring tensioned, is supplied with each machine. This can be upgraded to a heavy-duty Teflon guide 0.314” (8mm) x 3.125” (79mm) wide or blade guide stabilizer if the material being cut requires additional support.

Tilt of 0 to 5 degrees.

Air positioned blade sharpener using long life Borazon™ wheels is supplied as standard.

14" diameter blade wheels with steel tire surface and aluminum ball type bearings.

Model 10 - Optional Features

  • 9' (2743mm) long table
  • Variable speed powered table fully automatic operation; forward speed 0 to 100 ft/minute (30 m/minute); reverse speed constant or variable
  • Blade sharpener
  • Pressure roll assembly
  • Heavy-duty guide for foams under .0375 thickness
  • Conveyor with speed range of up to 150 FPM
  • Raise cutting height from 36" (914mm) to 48" (1219mm)
  • Vacuum table assembly with 16" chamber, centered under blade, 10 HP motor
  • Left side of the head with powered tilt up to 12 degrees (Model 10-72 only)

Model 10 - Specifications

10-36 10-48 10-72 10-84
Throat capacity – stack height below blade 12" (305mm) 12" (305mm) 12" (305mm) 12" (305mm)
Maximum blade height above table 36" (914mm) 36" (914mm) 36" (914mm) 36" (914mm)
Cutting width 36" (914mm) 48" (1219mm) 72" (1829mm) 84" (2134mm)
Floor Space Required:
Width 92" (2286mm) 104" (2642mm) 126" (3200mm) 140" (3556mm)
Height 90" (2286mm) 90" (2286mm) 90" (2286mm) 90" (2286mm)
Length 240" (6096mm) 240" (6096mm) 240" (6096mm) 240" (6096mm)
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