50-88-PT - Low Density Flexible Foam Slitters

  • PT Model Slitter Foam Saw

Model 50-88 - Flexible Foam Slitter

The Model 50-88 horizontal foam saw features a high-speed automatic powered table to move the foam block. Two types of head are used – a standard cutting head or, for heavier density blocks, a high-tension (HT) cutting head.

Head Assembly - Specifications

Standard head is used for material with a density up to 1.8lbs/ft3 (29kg/m3).

High-tension (HT) head should be used for higher density materials such as re-bonded foam, latex and viscoelastic flexible materials up to 6lb/ft3 (96kg/m3)

Driven by a 1 HP AC variable frequency speed controlled chain drive capable of moving the table at 150 FPM (45m/min) in either direction.

Independent head assembly rides on precision ball screws that are protected by flexible dust covers. The head assembly has a forward tilt range of 0-5 degrees.

Blade - Specifications

A range of blades may be used depending on the material to be cut. Available blades include serrated, saw tooth and knife blades. The blade sharpener should be included when cutting with the knife blade to ensure longer life and optimum cutting performance.

Standard cutting head blades run on 14" (355mm) diameter wheels that feature a molded urethane elastomer coating. On the HT head, the blades run on 16" (406mm) wheel featuring the same molded urethane elastomer coating as the standard head.

Standard blade is 1" (25mm) x 0.02" (0.5mm) on the standard head and 3/4" (19mm) on the HT head.

Blade motor is 5HP and allows the blade to run at a no load speed of 4100 FPM (1250m/min)

Teflon coated blade guide 0.084" (2mm) x 3.125" (79mm) wide, die spring tensioned, is supplied with each machine. This can be upgraded to a heavy-duty Teflon guide 0.314" (8mm) x 3.125" (79mm) wide or blade guide stabilizer if the material being cut requires additional support.

Operator Control - Features

50-88-PT horizontal saw runs under full computer control, utilizing a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for machine operation and a touch screen operator panel for input of commands and machine operation.

PLC allows control of the cut thickness with an indexing accuracy of +/- 0.003" (0.0762mm) based on actual head movement. It is monitored by electronic position encoders. Calibration of the machine is provided by the PLC through the operator console.

Touch screen operator controls mounted on a freestanding podium connected by a flexible conduit for easy positioning on either side of the machine.

Operator screen allows simple entry of required sheet thickness and the number of sheets to be cut of each thickness. Recipe management allows recall of pre configured cut sequences.

Operator console is equipped with a joystick for table and cutting head movement control, allowing the operator to jog the machine for block positioning.

Bun height sensor to automatically detect bun height and set first cut.

Hinged blade guards with locking handles.

Power Requirement

Utilizes 3 Phase power and may be supplied for 50 or 60Hz operation.

Safety Package

Includes blade running light, blade break disconnect switch, 110V control circuit, operator guards, hinged blade guards with locking handles, podium mounted emergency stop button, table position locks for loading, lockable disconnect switch and safety warning decals are included.

50-88 - Optional Features

PT horizontal saw may be upgraded to include a vacuum table where cutting of lower density materials is required. The vacuum table is divided into four sections with independent control and uses a 10HP extraction system.

  • Reversing airlift assembly to assist in positioning blocks on the table
  • Pneumatic blade tension system
  • Heavy-duty blade guide, recommended when cutting material under 3/8" (9.5mm) thick
  • Blade guide stabilizer
  • Air positioned blade sharpener using long life Borazon™ wheels
  • Wedge guide bar assembly

Contact ESCO for longer lengths.

50-88 PT Model - Specifications

50-88 PT HT-51-88 PT 60-88 PT HT-60-88 PT 60-96 PT
Max cutting height 50" (1270mm) 51" (1295mm) 60" (1524mm) 60" (1524mm) 60" (1524mm)
Max cutting width 88" (2235mm) 88" (2235mm) 88" (2235mm) 88" (2235mm) 96" (2438mm)
Cutting length of table 132" (3350mm) 132" (3350mm) 132" (3350mm) 132" (3350mm) 132" (3350mm)
Floor Space Required:
Width 160" (4064mm) 160" (4064mm) 169" (4292mm) 169" (4292mm)
Length 324" (8230mm) 324" (8230mm) 324" (8230mm) 324" (8230mm) 324" (8230mm)
Height (max) 152" (3860mm) 155" (3940mm) 163" (4140mm) 175" (4445mm) 163" (4140mm)
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