SHR 60-20 - Rigid Horizontal Saw

  • SHR 60-30 High Density Foam Saw
  • Rigid horizontal saw
  • Saw used for cutting vacuum formed thermoplastics and honeycomb

SHR 60-20 - Rigid Horizontal Foam Saw

The Model SHR-60-20 is a rigid horizontal saw used for cutting material such as balsa wood, composite materials, vacuum formed thermoplastics and honeycomb. This high-speed saw has a wood table surface and dust collection system on the blade.

Head Assembly - Specifications

Independent head supported on precision ball screw assembly with dust covers.

Table Assembly - Specifications

Manual push table is standard, 60" (1524mm) x 108" (2743mm).

Top surface, sealed Novaply with smooth surface supported by 8 nylon coated radial ball bearings.

Table height from ground to top of table is 24" (610mm).

Blades - Specifications

  • Blade supported on 30 " (762mm) diameter steel wheels. Kerf blade to suit material
  • Blade motor, 7.5 HP pulley drive. Variable speed is optional
  • Rugged blade guide

Operator Control - Features

Operator controls are mounted on a freestanding podium connected by flexible conduit to the main electrical panel. The machine is manual or can be specified and ordered with semi or fully automatic controls.

Power Requirement

Standard electrics are 230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz with all control circuits on 110 Volts. Circuits are fused to provide protection. Optional electrics available.

Safety Package

Includes guards, warning decals, blade break disconnect switch, disconnect switch on main panel, warning light when machine is in operation, 110 Volt control circuit, and podium mounted emergency stop button.

SHR 60-20 - Optional Features

  • Programmable solid state index and batch count in .001" (0.03mm) increments with digital readout of blade height to table. Pressure roller, 4" (102mm) diameter with hand wheel adjustment.
  • Table drive 1-1/2 HP, A.C. variable speed drive 5-50 FPM (1.5-15m/min.) forward and 50 FPM (l5m/min.) fixed or controlled reverse.
  • Vacuum table, divided with independent control, 10 HP blower with noise suppressor.
  • Vacuum conveyor 22' (6.7m) to 50' (15m) in length in place of table.

SHR 60-20 - Specifications

Clearance over blade 20" (508mm)
Clearance under blade 48" (1219mm)
Cutting width of table 60" (1524mm)
Cutting length of table 108" (2743mm)
Floor space required:
Width 145" (3683mm)
Length 246" (6248mm)
Maximum height 120" (3048mm)
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