High Density Foam Saws

Horizontal cutting equipment for a wide variety of rigid products, from high ILD/IFD packaging foams to rigid PU, re-bonded material, viscoelastic foam, latex foam, rubber, cork, neoprene and corrugated materials.

High-Density Horizontal Foam Saws

ESCO's high density horizontal cutting machinery is used for a number of rigid products including: rigid PU and PIR foams, re-bonded foam, viscoelastic foams, thermoset plastics, composite balsa wood blocks, corrugated materials, as well as honeycomb and NOMEX.

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WHDS-54 Rigid Horizontal Foam Saw
WHDS-54 - Rigid Horizontal Foam Saw

The WHDS-54 is a two wheel splitter for low to medium density rigid materials. Designed to cut rigid urethanes and other similar materials up to 6 lbs/ft3 (96 kg/m3) densities.

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SHR 60-20 Rigid Horizontal Foam Sa
SHR 60-20 - Rigid Horizontal Foam Saw

The SHR 60-20 is a two wheel splitter for medium to high density material. It is the ideal mid range splitter for rigid PU and heavy packaging materials such as high ILD/IFD foams, headliner applications such as honeycomb materials up to higher density lightweight materials including corrugated cardboard and balsa wood.

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