Horizontal Flexible Foam Slitters

ESCO's flexible foam saws and slitters can accurately cut a wide range of polyurethane foams from low density to high resilience (HR) foams, viscoelastic (memory) foam and re-bond.

Powerful Easy to Manage Controls

Precision cutting technology is accessed and managed with an ESCO-engineered control system ESCODraw. The control panel features an interactive operator screen that allows simple entry of required sheet quantity and thickness, as well as downloading of preconfigured cut sequences. Easily accessible manual controls include conveyor or table-speed control, conveyor and cutting-head control, and emergency stop.

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HTX Horizontal High-Density Foam Saw

HTX - Horizontal High-Density High-Speed Foam Saw

The HTX line of foam slitters are high-speed, high-tension and high-precision slitting machines capable of accurately converting a wide range of polyurethane foam blocks into sheets. The HTX is equipped with PLC control and an advanced PC touch screen interface with a material database able to save foam processing parameters as well as remote support capabilities. Offered in vacuum table and high speed belts models as well as a carrousel models; the HTX ships standard with programmable blade guide tilting system and selectable vacuum blowers for independent blower control. Advanced options such as a precision blade sharpening system and automated silicone application system further enhance the capabilities of this advanced slitter.

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HT-51-88 High-Density Horizontal Foam Saw

HT - High-Tension Horizontal Foam Slitter

The HT (High Tension) series of horizontal foam slitters represent ESCO’s medium duty flexible foam slitters. Utilizing a composite bonded blade guide the HT slitters may be used to process light to medium density polyurethane foams quickly and cost effectively. HT models offer PLC controls with a touch screen interface.

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50-88 PT - Low Density Flexible Foam Slitter

The 50-88 PT flexible foam slitter is ESCO’s low cost horizontal foam saw utilized for light duty foam processing for low to medium density polyurethane foams. The machine offers a bonded blade guide with push button controls and limited table options such as vacuum blowers, friction coatings and air lift options.

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Two Wheel Slitter Foam Saws (Two Wheel Slitters)

Model 10 - Two Wheel Horizontal Foam Slitters

The Model 10 line of horizontal foam slitters are ESCO’s entry level light duty foam saws. With a maximum total cutting throat of 12” (300mm) the Model 10 line allows fabricators to process smaller blocks or sheets of foam on these two wheel slitters. Tilt head models are also available.

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