Abrasive Wire Contour Saws

ESCO offers vertical, horizontal and dual wire CNC contour cutting machines for profile cutting rigid and flexible polyurethane foams. ESCO leads industry with its advanced CNC wire cutting technology. ESCO CNC foam profile saws are made in the USA and utilize high quality components and manufacturing techniques. ESCO foam contour saws are rugged, fast, accurate, easily operated, easily serviced and are offered at competitive prices.

EscoDraw Pro, Esco’s CAD/CAM package is highly specialized for wire cutting technology and incorporates many features used in the pipe insulation industry to fabricate industrial insulating pipe cover. ESCODraw Pro ESCO’s CAD and nesting software allows customers to design parts and layouts as well as digitize parts. The nesting modules in ESCODraw Pro allow user to select parts for processing enter the desired quantiles and the nesting algorithms will efficiently place parts on the sheet so as to maximize the sheet or block utilization.

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ProfileMatic III - PM III Wire Cutting Saw

ProfileMatic III - PMIII - Horizontal Wire Saw

Esco’s ProfileMatic III CNC profile cutting wire saw is the third generation of ESCO's highly popular and successful line of abrasive wire contour cutting machines. Dominating the wire contour saw market in North America the PM III has become the insulation fabricators work horse by coupling the machine, user and materials together with Esco’s uniquely specialized software for automatic pipe insulation production.

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Vertical ProfileMatic - VPW Wire Cutting Saw

Vertical ProfileMatic - VPW - Vertical wire Saw

The Vertical ProfileMatic (VPW) is a vertical wire profile saw typically used in the furniture and upholstery industry for contour cutting polyurethanes flexible foams and nonwoven fiber products. When processing vertically dust is minimized by the downward pull of gravity and the extreme speeds at which the wire powers through foam. Additionally the VPW is a highly cost effect system versus a blade contour machine especially for processing fiber which the machine can process nonwovens at speeds within range of blade contour machines without issue.

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Dual Head ProfileMatic - DPW Dual Axis Wire Saw

Dual Head ProfileMatic - DPW - Dual Axis Wire Saw

Utilizing both a vertical wire cutting head and a horizontal head the Dual Head ProfileMatic is able to process both flexible and rigid PU foams with its compact design saving floor space by combining two machines into one unit. With its unique batch processing workflow the DPW can pass machining operations from one head to the other with simplicity and ease. The DPW is frequently employed by insulation manufactures for processing raw blocks of rigid foams into precisely cut finished blocks, sheets and/or panels.

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