CNC Blade Contour Foam Saws

ESCO offers both vertical and horizontal blade CNC contour cutting machines for profile cutting flexible polyurethane foams. ESCO CNC foam profile saws are made in the USA and utilize high quality components and manufacturing techniques. ESCO foam contour saws are fast, accurate, easily operated, easily serviced and are offered at competitive prices.

ESCODraw Pro ESCO’s CAD and nesting software allows customers to design parts and layouts as well as digitize parts. The nesting modules in ESCODraw Pro allow user to select parts for processing enter the desired quantiles and the nesting algorithms will efficiently place parts on the sheet so as to maximize the sheet or block utilization.

CNC Blade Contour Foam Cutting Line Integration

ESCO blade contour cutting machines can be integrated into automatic cutting lines featuring horizontal slitters, side trimmers, flying cut-off saws, foam crushers and automated sheet removal systems. ESCO's automated cutting lines can be run by a single operator from one control station. Foam cutting lines may they be integrated with an organization's order entry system to schedule and manage the most demanding production environment. ESCO works with each customer to customize each foam fabrication line to include; Enhanced data reporting and logging, thermal label printers with barcodes and profile graphics, and even large format displays to help operators unload and pack layouts after they have been processed.

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VPX Vertical CNC Contour

VPX - Vertical CNC Blade Contour Foam Saw

The Patent Pending VPX CNC blade contour saw is a fast and compact vertical CNC foam saw for processing blocks or stacks of sheets of foam or non-woven products. The VPX ships standard with an automatic upper guide assembly, air conditioned main control panel and an industrial handheld remote for easy positioning of the blade. An optional blade sharpening system and dust collection system is offered for applications that require a band knife. The VPX top speed of 75m/min (240ft/min) allows for very high output for the most demanding foam fabrication applications.

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HP Horizontal Blade Contour Saw

HP - Horizontal Blade Contour Foam Saw

ESCO’s Horizontal Profiler (HP) utilizes a band knife or tooth blade for fast and accurate profile cutting of flexible polyurethane foams. The horizontal contour foam saw has many applications and options making it a very versatile foam fabrication machine. Shipping standard with a manual turntable the machine may be configured with various options such as automatic turntables, turntables with conveyor belts for automation loading and unloading, a block clamping/hold down system, center blade guide system and finally a blade sharpening system. ESCO’s horizontal blade CNC foam saw is most commonly used for furniture, packaging and mattress production.

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