HP Horizontal Blade Contour

The Horizontal Profiler uses a continuous blade, making it an excellent choice for cutting flexible PU, viscoelastic memory and Latex foam, and semi-rigid high ILD PU foam. Used for a wide range of applications in the bedding and furniture, packaging, medical, insulation, and automotive industries.


The single console unit provides the operator with control over the entire machine.

The console includes the computer/display, keyboard and mouse, switches and indicator.

ESCO View's "main screen" provides primary control of the machine and its operation(s) including live updates on cutting progress and machine status.

ESCO View is a Windows based software program engineered for this machine that controls the functions and operations of the Horizontal Profiler. This program enables users to automate cutting operations for imported (drafted) sketches, profiles and contours.

ESCO Draw software allows the user to create profiles and contours directly at the control console. This provides users with greater capabilities at the machine, without additional importing.

ESCO Advanced Nesting software allows an unlimited number of shapes to be scheduled for production based on material type, thickness and delivery time required. The parts are nested using complex algorithms that are transparent to the operator, resulting in a nested layout that maximizes material usage and minimizes overall cut time.

Optional Features
  • Turntable assembly
  • Center guide
  • Block hold-down

HP50-88 HP60-88 HP60-96
Max block width 88" (2.35m) 88" (2.35m) 96" (2.44m)
Max block height 50" (1.27m) 60" (1.52m) 60" (1.52m)

ESCO APM software solution, comprised of ESCO Draw and ESCO View, offers the ability to create shapes, optimize nesting and manage the entire cutting and production operation.

Advanced Profile Management (APM) Software

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