VPX - Vertical CNC Blade Contour Foam Saw


  • VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Foam Saw
  • VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Foam Saw
  • VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Foam Saw
  • VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Foam Saw
  • VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Foam Saw
  • VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Foam Saw
  • VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Foam Saw
  • VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Foam Saw
  • VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Foam Saw
  • VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Foam Saw

VPX Specifications [Downloadable PDF]

VPX - Vertical CNC Blade Contour Saw

The Patent Pending VPX vertical profile saw is a fast and efficient machine for cutting flexible polyurethane foams and non-woven fiber products. Offering a compact patent pending machine design and efficient use of key drive components the VPX is a cost effective and advanced vertical foam contour bandsaw for high volume foam fabrication applications.

ESCO’s VPX is the perfect choice for high volume fabrication of foam cushions for furniture production. The VPX vertical CNC foam saw can process stacks of foam up to 1.3m (50”) tall. Both reticulated foams and densified non-woven fiber products used in marine and outdoor furniture applications process very well on the VPX. The VPX may also be used for block trimming applications as well as for high speed mattress trimming.

Utilizing a 3.5mm band knife the VPX can turn the blade up to 370 degrees which allows for complete processing of a part profile without the need for untwisting the blade. The VPX can run a wide range of blade profiles from toothed blades to double beveled band knife. If the end use is for cutting non-woven fibers products then the machine must be configured with a blade sharpening system. ESCO’s precision sharpening system creates and maintains a razor edge and is programable to allow for automated sharpening cycles.

The VPX vertical profile saw can be setup as a standalone machine or configured to function in an automated foam cutting line. The VPX CNC bandsaw may also be configured with synchronized infeed conveyors for processing long blocks or long sheets/rolls of non-woven fiber. Scissor lifts conveyors for loading sheet or blocks of material on the machine.

Coupled with ESCO’s advanced nesting software and cut path generator operators can quickly create high yield nested layouts with very little effort. Making straight cuts and rectangles is quick and easy with ESCO custom software as well.

Industries utilizing the VPX

  • Furniture
  • Upholstery
  • Packaging
  • Medical
  • Sleep / Mattress
  • Marine

Commonly Processed Materials

  • Flexible Polyurethanes
  • High Resilience Foams (HR Foam)
  • Non-woven Fibers
  • Cellulose Foams
  • Flexible Foam
  • Crosslinked PU

VPX Features


  • PC based operator terminal
  • Industrial handheld remote control
  • Powered adjustable upper blade guide assembly
  • Air-conditioned main control panel
  • Siemens CNC Motion Controls
  • ESCODraw Standard


  • Blade sharpening system with dust collection
  • Air-conditioned PC Terminal
  • ESCODraw PRO - Includes advanced nesting software and cut path generator
  • Nesting Display System - Large format display for use with unloading complex multipart nested layouts


  • Input voltage 380-500VAC/3phase/50-60hz
  • Clean dry compressed air

VPX - Specifications

VPX Model Specifications
VPX 50-88 VPX 36-61
Blade Speed Variable Variable
Cutting Speed 240 ft/min [75 m/min] 240 ft/min [75 m/min]
Cutting Width 88" [2235 mm] 61" [1549 mm]
Cutting Height 50" [1270 mm] 36" [914 mm]
Floor Space Required:
Width 172" [4368 mm] 143" [3632 mm]
Length 267" [6781 mm] 219" [5562 mm]
Height 138" [3505 mm] 109" [2768 mm]
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