Lab, Parts & Services

On-Site Laboratory Testing Facility

ESCO's on-site laboratory and test facility offers customers the opportunity evaluate both ESCO metering, mixing and dispensing technology as well as to test their polyurethane system on production machinery. ESCO’s lab is invaluable for proving both machinery and the PU system.

Fully Functional On-Site Polyurethane Laboratory


With a fully functional on-site laboratory, ESCO engineers are able to assist the polyurethane manufacturer with every aspect of product development and prototyping through full-scale production. ESCO is an accredited integrator of FANUC Robots, with experts in conveyors, ovens and mold designs.

Foam Bandsaw and PU Dispensing parts and repairs

Spare Parts

ESCO offers spare parts, repairs, and full warranty for all of its equipment. Additionally, the company has a wide variety of blades and saws to choose from.

ESCO’s parts technicians will be more than happy to discuss detailed part information with you including pictures, drawings, and specifications. They can also expertly trouble shoot issues, provide additional research for parts, and quickly ship parts in an emergency. Lastly, our technicians handle blade orders, and can answer questions pertaining to the machines’ stripper guide, or queries from the owner’s manual.

Don’t hesitate to call our parts technicians at 616-453-5458 ext 221 today!

Lifetime Service and support provided by ESCO


ESCO provides service support for all our equipment, at any point during the machine’s life cycle. Whether it’s working with you on a start-up commission, training your workers on the use of new equipment, or servicing an existing machine, we’re here for you. Our technicians, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, are here to help.

Please contact our Service Manager at 616-453-5458 ext 208 to discuss your needs and possibly arrange a visit.