Engineered Dispensing Systems

Custom Engineered Polyurethane Dispensing Systems

ESCO offers fully engineered custom solutions to meet each customer’s system requirements. The Edge-Sweets team can offer fully automated integral skin molding lines and shoe sole liner molding systems to continuous production of molded siding products and more

TurnTable Molding System for high production molded PU parts

TurnTable - Molding System

Ideal for high production of molded flexible PU parts, the TurnTable molding system is available with heated platens and clamping forces up to 35 PSI. The table is capable of continuous motion and indexing for integration with various automated operations.

Race track molding system

Race Track - Molding System

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Over and under molding system

Over/Under - Molding System

Bulk storage and blending system

Bulk Storage & Blending Systems

ESCO offers a complete line of bulk storage and blending systems, from small inline blending systems to complete tank farms.

Storage Tank Module, Type HS-1 (polyol or isocyanate storage)
Tank Size
L x W (m)
Height (m) Weight (tons) Optional accessories
5,200 4.000 x 3.700 4.8 6,1 agitator
tank insulation
pipe insulation
temperature control
filling station with pump and gas vent
telemetry and teleservice system
6,600 5.000 x 3.700 5.6 6,3
7,700 6.000 x 3.700 6.4 7,2
Robotic Arm Integration

Robotic Integration

ESCO has the ability to integrate robotic arms into many of our molding lines and systems.