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High Pressure Elastomer
High Pressure Elastomer

As an industry leader in the cast elastomer field, ESCO offers unique high pressure (RIM) process solutions for the most demanding applications.

VFD motors control piston stroke.

Piston metering system provides accurate control of shot life.

Mix head is used to eliminate the solvent flush cycle.

Chemicals recirculate constantly to the mix head to ensure temperature uniformity.

Heated oven chamber prevents cold spots.

MOCA Melter
MOCA Melter

ESCO's solid curative melter is used for melting solids such as MOCA / MBOCA and other pelletized materials that are to be mixed with a pre-polymer in the manufacturing of elastomeric parts. Two versions of melters are offered:

MOCA / MBOCA Stand Alone Solid Curative Melter

The MOCA / MBOCA solid curative melter is a five gallon working capacity, non-painted stainless steel tank, with an inverted cone melter. It is supported by a hot oil closed loop recirculation system with an independent electronic controller, which also supports the (optional) MOCA dispenser.

The tank includes constant level control and a lighted inspection port. The system is capable of MOCA / MBOCA melt rate of between 300 to 800 grams/min. (up to 1.75 lbs/min) at a hot oil operating temperature of 135°C (275°F). A regenerative blower and hosing is provided to vacuum transfer the pellets from a fiber drum to the melter. Exhaust is diverted back to fiber drum to minimize dust released.

Blower is interfaced with the melt tank level controls to maintain a minimum constant melt level to prevent heat degradation.

Automatic Production System

The ESCO solid curative melter system can be incorporated into an automatic production system for the manufacture of elastomer based products.

The integration with an ESCO mix head and metering system to meter a pre-polymer with the curative through the mix head into a mold, allows for automated operation where large volume production is required.

Hot Cast Polyurethane Elastomer
Hot Cast Polyurethane Elastomer

Constant level control insures uninterrupted long pours.

Accurate temperature control with feedback insures good product.

All material lines, recirculation valves, tanks, and mixing heads are heated.

Refrigerated cold traps to control fumes.

Fully computer controlled multi-component dispenser.

Boom designed for roll coating and rotational molding.

Flow meter for feedback control.

Submerged pumps are used when the curative is solid at room temperature.

Fully computer controlled multi-component low pressure elastomer machines are available from ESCO Company.

These machines are designed to the customers' exact process parameters.

Refrigerated cold trap channels the fumes given off during degassing through a chilled grid where they condense. This eliminates fumes in the area.

Submerged pumps eliminate concerns about leakage. The pump is always at material temperature, eliminating cold spots.

Built-in degassing rings allow the material to be continuously degassed while the system is metering and dispensing.

Cold Trap Polyurethane Elastomer
Cold Trap Polyurethane Elastomer

The Host Cast Elastomer metering/mixing dispenser is equipped with spinning disk continuous degassing. It condenses fumes on perforated collection plates.

Clamp on trap cover allows easy access for cleaning.

Tank valve to drain liquid condensation.

Recirculating propylene glycol coolant is environmentally friendly; no need to break refrigerant lines for trap servicing.

Standalone Elastomer or fully integrated Elastomer versions available.

220 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hrtz power available with 8 CFM or 16 SCFM vacuum pumps.

Operating temperature -40°C.

Laboratory Scale Polyurethane Elastomer
Laboratory Scale Polyurethane Elastomer


Production mixing head ensures direct scale up to production

One gallon tanks

Output range: .2 to 20 lbs/min. with +/- 1% accuracy

Variable speed precision gear pumps for accuracy with independent variable ratio control between the components

Manual mixing head flush system with auto flush optional

Electric agitators

Electric heat

Batch degassing and solid melting capabilities for all components


Hot oil tracing of all wetted components eliminates all "cold spots"

Heating capabilities up to 300F. Independent temperature control of material components

Custom layouts and configurations including stainless steel wetted components

Operator interface for all critical process variables

Other tank sizes available are 1 or 2 quart or 2 gallon

System can be tailored to multiple streams and exact processing parameters

Computer control and data logging packages

Vacuum pump system

Higher output ranges to 40 lbs/min.