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ESCODraw Pro Advanced Drawing and Nesting

ESCO Draw gives you the flexibility to do what you want with your parts. We have combined leading technology in a simplified format to give you the ability to create parts, optimally nest them on a sheet, and manage your parts from creation to cutting.

ESCO Draw gives you all the options you need to plan for your cutting. We allow you to draw your parts, rotate them, mirror them, create arrays, and much more all through our main ESCO Draw form.

Export to G-Code

Currently using CNC machines that use G-code to cut parts? ESCO Draw has the ability to export from our files to G-code files. Customize your G-code Pre/Post process commands via our interface as well!

Import DXF files

Have DXF files already? ESCO Draw will allow you to import your DXF files and save them in our file format simply and quickly.

Export to DXF

Along with importing DXF files, we also allow you to export into DXF format as well. Many engineers are more comfortable with their AutoCAD programs and would prefer to draw in there. Now you can flip back and forth between ESCO Draw files and AutoCAD files seamlessly.

Data Grid

Through the use of our data grid, you can enter in exact coordinates for your parts. This gives you even more precision. If three decimal places isn't enough for you, we allow you to set your own precision.

ESCO Draw Nesting

Our nesting software has been completely redone to provide intuitive controls and get you from part to optimized bun even quicker. Many features, including bun tracking, pipe selection, PIP (common-line) pipe nesting, and others have been added to make it easier than ever to get the results you want.

  • Esco Draw
  • ESCO Draw Software - Data Grid
  • ESCO Draw Software - Nesting
  • ESCO Draw Software - Reporting and Costing
  • ESCO Draw Software - Pipe Selection

Reporting and Costing

ESCO Draw provides you with a fully loaded report once nesting has completed. This report shows you exactly how your parts will show up on your bun, how many fit on each sheet, how long it will take to cut, and how much it will cost you to cut the bun. Even more detailed information is available about each part, its area, perimeter, and individual cut time.

Pipe Nesting

Our pipe selection form has changed as well. Now you have the option to select PIP, or common-line pipe sections to be nested. These sections are generated with wire compensation already included and ensure that your ID will come out the right dimensions. We allow you to go as far as 9 pipes in so that none of the core is wasted!


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