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Filled System Types

Filler Fed Mix Head (FFH)

  • Pre-blending has been eliminated. Filler Fed Mix Head is a patented system for incorporating a wide range of solid fillers directly into multi-component liquid systems.
  • Elastomers as well as foams have been processed. FFH allows the addition of a metered stream of dry filler directly into the mix chamber where it is blended with the liquid streams to form a filled reactive mix.
  • High volumes of filler can be added in this system. Fillers processed include melamine, barium sulfate, peat moss, ground scrap (rubber and PUR), silicon carbide grit and microspheres.
  • The model 2.75 FFH can handle multiple chemical and filler streams.
  • Each chemical stream has its own recirculation/calibrate valve at the head.
  • These valves are controlled via the PLC supplied with the system.
  • This unit can be used as a pre-blender or as a final mixer.
  • The model 3.25 FFH system is equipped with a gravimetric feeder to meter the filler.
  • Most free flowing fillers can be processed.

High Viscosity Pre-Blended

  • Controlled amount of filler can be added to the polyol tank.
  • High Viscosity found in filled systems can be processed utilizing state of the art progressing cavity pumping technologies.
  • The filler is pre blended into the polyol stream.
  • Automated weighing systems are offered to guarantee filler ratio.
  • Special blending agitators provide uniform disbursion.
  • Add-in weight scales are PLC controlled to provide batch repeatability.

Demo Video of Filler Fed Mix Head

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