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WHDS - Medium-Density Rigid Horizontal Band Saw

Medium-Density Band Saw

The ESCO Model WHDS-54 Rigid High-Density Horizontal Foam Saw is a two-wheel splitter designed to cut low to medium density rigid materials up to 6 lbs per cubic foot [96 kg per cubic meter] and up to 30" [762 MM] high, 54" [1372 MM] wide and 9' [2743 MM] long. Optional cutting width of 62” [1575 MM] available.

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The WHDS-54 is a two wheel splitter for low to medium density rigid materials. Designed to cut rigid urethanes and other similar materials up to 6 lbs/ft3 (96 kg/m3) densities.

Common Applications

Automotive, packaging, marine, aerospace, wind

Commonly Processed Materials

PUR and PUR rebond foam, rubber rebond foam, PE, EPP and EVA foam, ethafoam, micro cellular rubber, Basotect®, latex, polyethylene

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WHDS Specifications [Downloadable PDF][Opens in New Window]

  • Touch-Screen Controls Mounted On Freestanding Podium
  • Blade Sharpening System + Dust Collection
  • Standard Teflon Coated Blade Guide 0.099 IN [2.5 MM] Thick
  • 3-Zone 10HP Vacuum Table With Independent Control Of Zones
  • Heavy-Duty Blade Guide 0.324 IN [8 MM] Thick
  • Wedge Guide, Teflon Coated 1.375 IN [35 MM] Thick
  • Blade Guide Stabilizer [Standard + Heavy-Duty Guides]
  • Variable Speed Blade Drive
  • Carter Guide For Set Tooth Blades
  • 11 FT [3353 MM] Powered Table

Operator Controls

  • Touch-screen Controls Mounted On Freestanding Podium
  • PLC Controlled Cut Thickness
  • Batch Cutting, Batch Pausing, Set Height Command

Head Assembly

  • Independent head assembly rides on precision ball screws that are protected by flexible dust covers. The head assembly has a tilt range of 0-5º of forward tilt

Table Assembly

  • Powered table is driven by a 3HP AC variable frequency speed controlled chain drive that is capable of moving the table at 50 FPM [15 M/MIN] forward and 50 FPM [15 M/MIN] fixed or variable reverse. Other speeds are available

Power Requirements

  • 208/230/460 VAC 3-Phase 60 HZ
  • Optional electrics available. Contact your salesperson today.
Model WHDS-54 WHDS-62
Cutting Height 30 IN [720 MM]
Cutting Width 54 IN [1372 MM] 62 IN [1575 MM]
Cutting Length 108 IN [2743 MM]
Floor Space Required
Overall Width 145 IN [3683 MM] 153 IN [3886 MM]
Overall Length 246 IN [6248 MM] 246 IN [6248 MM]
Maximum Height 120 IN [3048 MM] 120 IN [3048 MM]
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