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PU Dispensing - Filled Systems

Filler Fed Dynamic Mixing

ESCO offers patented solutions for dynamically metering and mixing dry fillers into PU systems. From syntactic elastomeric coatings for deep sea oil pipe to green automotive PU systems that utilize recycled ground tire ESCO has 30+ years of advanced filler processing technology.

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Edge-Sweets Company has patented mixing technology which is a unique improvement in the production of filled systems. The dry filler is accurately metered by a hopper feeder directly into the mix head, at which point the liquid streams are added.

Common Applications

Any application where incorporating a wide range of solid fillers directly into multi-component liquid systems is required.

Commonly Processed Materials

Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Polyesters

Commonly Processed Dry Fillers

We have processed the following fillers:

  • Reground scrap rubber and rigid and flexible PU
  • Cellulose
  • Carbon black
  • Expancel micro spheres
  • Rubber tire crumb
  • Phosphorescent minerals
  • Chopped EVA scrap
  • Mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate, silicon carbide, silica sand, aluminum hydroxide, alumina, phosphorescent minerals, barium sulphate, and abrasive particles like garnet and silicon carbide
  • Metallic particles
  • Glass micro balloons, peat moss, expandable graphite, perlite, mica, fly ash, melamine (ground and unground),

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Standard Features

  • Capable of handling multi-component liquid + filled streams
  • Volumetric filler feeder system [loss in weight optional]
  • Capable of processing polyurethanes, epoxies + polyesters
  • Can be used as pre-blender or final mixer

Technical Specifications

  • 10, 20 and 60 gallon tanks available
  • ESCO Series 500, 700, 1000 or 1200 Depending on output
  • Tank agitation and automatic refill
  • Automatic solvent flush system
  • Operator touch screen LCD interface

Technical Specification Customization

  • Please contact a sales engineer to review your process parameters and requirements
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