DPW - Dual Head ProfileMatic Wire Saw

  • Dual Profile Wire - DPW Dual head Abrasive wire profile saw
  • Dual Profile Wire - DPW Dual head wire profile saw

DPW - Dual Head Abrasive Wire Foam Saw

The Dual ProfileMatic is the latest in ESCO's development of profile cutting machines. With both a vertical and horizontal cutting head, the DPW offers a streamlined, integrated solution to fabricating. Designed and built-in the United States, the DPW is the fastest abrasive wire machine of its type on the market.

DPW - Features

  • Computer controlled, high precision, high-speed machine utilized for block trimming (vertical wire), top trimming (horizontal wire), and cutting of 2D and 3D parts using both wires for shape cutting and slitting
  • Abrasive and fast cutting wire (up to 70 FPM) for cutting a wide range of materials including flexible and rigid polyurethanes, FoamGlas®, phenolic foam, PIR, fiber and expanded polystyrene (EPS)
  • Special wire minimizes dust
  • Dust collection port below the conveyors
  • Typical examples of cut parts include complex packaging shapes and surfboards
  • Operated from a single console, utilizing powerful and easy-to-use design, nesting and cutting software; all machine operations and diagnostic data can be viewed
  • Perfect for stack cutting. Process a profile exactly as drawn, minimizing quality control issues
  • Conveyor transport for easy block handling
  • Split conveyor allows the wire to move across the two conveyors between two fully adjustable conveyor bridges
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Electronic eye for automatic block positioning and auto start profiles

Dual ProfileMatic - Optional Features

  • Advanced nesting software for maximum block yield and minimal cut time of multiple shapes
  • Control panel air conditioner
  • Wireless remote control

Operator Control - Features

  • Includes ESCODraw and ESCOView software, enabling the operator to create shapes and then nest them for the fastest cut time and best yield
  • Software allows the operator to set up and batch jobs for both the vertical and horizontal wire
  • Electronic eye block detection system sees a new block ready for cutting, automating the cutting operation
  • Requires minimal computer training; quick and easy creation of layouts with ESCOView
  • ESCODraw Pro features ESCO's exclusive Cut Path Generator (CPG), allowing users to nest layouts and have CPG create a wire path; saves hours of CAD labor per week
  • Supports import of most CAD files through DXF standard
  • Includes a NEMA 12 industrial computer enclosure and houses a standard desktop computer with monitor that can be placed on either side of the machine
  • Saves floor space by nesting multiple machines together


DPW-36-55 DPW-50-88
Max block height 36" (914mm) 50" (1270mm)
Max block width 55" (1397mm) 88" (2235mm)
Max cutting speed 70 ft/min (21.33 m/min) 70 ft/min (21.33 m/min)
Floor Space Required
Width 220" (5588mm) 290" (7366mm)
Length 330" (8382mm) 330" (8382mm)
Height 125" (3175mm) 150" (3810mm)

Advanced Profile Management (APM) Software

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