A-2 - Tilt Vertical Foam Band Saw

  • A-2 Vertical Foam Band Saw

A-2 Specifications [Downloadable PDF]

A-2 Tilt - Manual Vertical Foam Band Saw

The Model A vertical tilting head band saw is designed to cut polyurethane foam materials. It uses a fixed position tilting cutting head with a manually moved table.

Standard Features

  • 0-45º Powered tilting head assembly
  • Manually operated side fence with lock
  • Rulers embedded in cutting table

Optional Features

  • Side table extensions
  • Dual direction cutting
  • Blade sharpening system
  • Pressure roll assembly
  • Aluminum cutting table surface

Head Assembly Specifications

  • Powered tilt mechanism that can set the blade angle from 0-45º
  • Blocks of material are indexed into the cutting position with a manually operated side fence
  • Various models of the vertical tilting head band saw provide different size tables and cutting height to accommodate a wide range of material sizes

Table Assembly Specifications

  • Table height : 41.5" [1054 MM] from the floor
  • Top surface : Sealed Novaply with smooth surface
  • Equipped with nylon wheels that ride on steel rails
  • Side Fence : 8.5" [216 MM] high aluminum with hand wheel adjustment and position lock
  • Fence position rulers embedded in table [Both Sides]

Blade Assembly Specifications

  • Blade Type : Serrated
  • Blade Size : 1/2", 3/4"
  • Blade Thickness : 0.20" [0.50 MM]
  • Blade Wheels : 12" [304 MM] Aluminum with molded urethane elastomer tire
  • Blades are available in various widths and cutting edge types to cut a wide range of material types
  • Teflon coated stripper guide to improve the cutting accuracy of the machine
  • Motor is 1.5 HP, pulley drive

Power Requirements

  • 230/460VAC, 3-Phase, 60HZ
  • All control circuits on 110V
  • Circuits are fused to provide protection
  • Optional electrics available

Safety Package

Includes guards, warning labels, a blade break disconnect switch, blade running warning light and a main disconnect switch on the electrical control panel, warning light when machine is in operation, 110 Volt circuit, and podium mounted emergency button.

A-2 - Specifications

Cutting width, inside blade 24" (610mm)
Cutting width, outside blade 48" (1219mm)
Cutting height 36" (914mm)
Cutting height, full tilt 27" (686mm)
Floor space required:
Width 96" (2438mm)
Maximum length (11' - 3.3m Table): 276" (7010mm)
Maximum height 117" (2,972mm)
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