VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Saw

  • VPX - Vertical CNC Contour Foam Saw

The VPX Vertical CNC contour saw is the newest machine in ESCO's line of computer-controlled vertical cutting machines. The VPX is patented and provides a small footprint, offering more power with a lower operating cost than previous models and other machines on the market.

The VPX operates with a single motor drive to power all axes. It uses an HP controller front end HMI with an 840D Sinumerik CNC for advanced motion control. The Siemens CNC Sinamics Drive and PS ET200M I/O system enable it to be easily programmed on a PC connected to Profibus or Profinet platforms.

ESCODraw Software

The VPX offers our ESCODraw software, so users can create profiles and contours directly at the control console. This feature gives users greater capabilities at the machine, without additional importing of data.

The VPX vertical saw features an independent control pendant and an onboard blade sharpener.

VPX Specifications

Specifications (More Info to Come)
Wire Speed Variable
Cutting Speed 400in/min (10m/min)
System Pressure 70 Psi continuous pressure
Max Cutting Dimensions:
Cutting width 1.5m (4.9 ft or 59 inches) or 2.5m (8.2 ft or 98 inches)
Cutting length 3m (9.8 ft or 118 inches) with optional 5m (16.4 ft or 197 inches), then in increments of 1m (3.3 ft or 39 inches) up to 10m (32.8 ft or 393 inches)
Cutting height 1.4m (4.6 ft or 56 inches)
Floor space required:
Overall machine width 3m (9.8 ft or 118 inches) or 3.6m (11.8 ft or 141 inches) with electrical enclosure
Overall machine length 5.8m (19 ft or 228 inches)
Maximum machine height 4m (13.1 ft or 157 inches)
Safety zone (recommended) 0.9m (3 ft or 36 inches) around entire machine

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