ProfileMatic III - Horizontal CNC Foam Saw

  • ProfileMatic III 1530 CNC Saw
  • ProfileMatic III 1530 CNC Saw
  • ProfileMatic III 1530 CNC Saw
  • Horizontal ProfileMatic III Foam CNC Saw
  • ProfileMatic III CNC profile saw
  • Horizontal ProfileMatic III Foam CNC Saw
  • Horizontal ProfileMatic III Foam CNC Saw
  • Horizontal ProfileMatic III Foam CNC Saw
  • Horizontal ProfileMatic III Foam CNC Saw
  • Horizontal ProfileMatic III Foam CNC Saw
  • Horizontal ProfileMatic III Foam CNC Saw
  • Horizontal ProfileMatic III Foam CNC Saw
  • Horizontal ProfileMatic III Foam CNC Saw
  • Horizontal ProfileMatic III Foam CNC Saw

PM III - Horizontal CNC Blade Contour Foam Saw

ESCO’s ProfileMatic III CNC profile saw is the third generation of ESCO's highly popular and successful line of abrasive wire contour cutting machines. Utilizing precision gearboxes and either Allen Bradley or Siemens servos and drives, ESCO’s Profilematic III is able to process both rigid and flexible polyurethanes with efficiency, accuracy and precision.

Coupled with ESCO Draw Pro nesting and layout management software, the ProfileMatic III is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. Additionally, ESCO Draw Pro has highly specialized pipe insulation (pipe cover) generation and nesting capabilities. To generate pipe insulation the operator simply inputs the size of the block of material, selects the desired pipe insulation size(s) from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) chart for either iron or copper pipe, then specifies the appropriate quantities for each pipe cover specified, nests the data and runs the resulting nested file on the CNC machine. With the ASTM chart preloaded into ESCO Draw, it is not necessary to draw each pipe size and store the files for use. ESCO Draw Pro creates the files on the fly, thus simplifying and streamlining the pipe insulation manufacturing process.

The highly specialized pipe generation and nesting features in ESCO Draw Pro, in addition to the preconfigured ASTM chart, include: six pipe cover joint types; flush, overlapping (lap joint), semicircular, triangular, dovetail and custom joints; common line pipe insulation cutting (pipe in pipe), with infinite number of layers; seven unique clustering options utilized during nesting for efficient layout generation, grid fitting options to align parts in a uniform grid layout to maximize cutting efficiency, configurable part fitting options to allow the nesting software to fit parts from 1-360 degree fitting iterations; and a highly specialized cut path generation algorithm that compensates for wire diameter and part shifting/falling during cutting of rigid insulation materials.

Another remarkable feature of the ProfileMatic III and ESCO Draw Pro is the ability of the pair to process Pittsburg Corning’s FoamGlas® (cellular glass) as never seen before. The first challenge to overcome in cutting highly abrasive materials such as FoamGlas®, mineral fiber and calcium silicate is to have the correct cutting wire which ESCO has perfected with its suppliers. ESCO employs a proprietary tungsten cutting wire which can withstand the aggressive nature of highly abrasive materials. In addition to the proprietary tungsten cutting wires, ESCO has perfected a system allowing fabricators to assemble large blocks of FoamGlas® and other insulation materials that are only produced in small blocks. From these small billets fabricators can use products such as StrataFab® or Hydrocal® (gypsum cement) to produce unlimited size blocks. The ProfileMatic is able to detect the grout lines and slow down the machine to user defined speeds so as to allow the cutting wire sufficient time to process the very thick and difficult to cut grout lines.

The ProfileMatic III will process a very broad range of materials. For the insulation/energy management markets, the ProfileMatic is commonly deployed to process: polyisocyanurate, Trymer®, FoamGlas® (cellular glass), calcium silicate, mineral wool or mineral fiber, expanded polystyrene (EPS), expanded polystyrene with high levels of recycled EPS and extruded polystyrene (XPS). For other markets, the ProfileMatic III will efficiently process: flexible polyurethanes, reticulated foam (filter media foam), re-bond foam (carpet padding), polyester fiber batting, corrugated cardboard, Dow Impaxx™, closed cell cross linked polyurethanes and polyethylene.

Common industries that use the ProfileMatic III are :

  • Insulation/energy management
  • Furniture and bedding
  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • Defense
  • Acoustic and radio frequency (RF) management
  • Automotive
  • Green:
        - Solar
        - Wind

ESCO’s ProfileMatic III is also highly configurable. The standard machine is the 1530, which measures 1.5 meters wide by 3.0 meters long. The ProfileMatic III may be ordered in standard widths up to 3 meters with larger widths available upon request. Machines may also be requested up to 10 meters long. Other options include a block hold-down device, vacuum table, square zero and 90 degree turntables and round turntables with the ability to turn at infinite angle measures. Coming soon, it will be possible to order the ProfileMatic III with 3-axis CNC machining capabilities.

PM III - Safety Package

Includes blade running light, blade break disconnect switch, 110V control circuit, operator guards, hinged blade guards with locking handles, podium mounted emergency stop button, table position locks for loading, lockable disconnect switch and safety warning decals are included.

ProfileMatic III - Optional Features

  • Advanced nesting software
  • Control panel air conditioner to cool critical electronic components in high ambient temperatures.
  • Block hold-down device
  • Automatic turntable
  • Vacuum hold-down on table

PM III - Specifications

Specifications (Information based on Model 1530)
Technology CNC operated machine with HMI computer including ESCO View and ESCO Draw software
Wire Speed Variable
Cutting Speed 400in/min (10m/min)
System Pressure 70 Psi continuous pressure
Max Cutting Dimensions:
Cutting width 1.5m (4.9 ft or 59 inches) or 2.5m (8.2 ft or 98 inches)
Cutting length 3m (9.8 ft or 118 inches) with optional 5m (16.4 ft or 197 inches), then in increments of 1m (3.3 ft or 39 inches) up to 10m (32.8 ft or 393 inches)
Cutting height 1.4m (4.6 ft or 56 inches)
Floor space required:
Overall machine width 3m (9.8 ft or 118 inches) or 3.6m (11.8 ft or 141 inches) with electrical enclosure
Overall machine length 5.8m (19 ft or 228 inches)
Maximum machine height 4m (13.1 ft or 157 inches)
Safety zone (recommended) 0.9m (3 ft or 36 inches) around entire machine
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